How to slice Bunja Thai style

Nov 27, 2013
How to slice Bunja Thai style

Dee in the kitchen peeling carrots at Bunja Thai

Our fantastic Bunja Thai chefs show you how to present your next Thai dish with sassy and cheek vegetable slices.

It is the simple twist on presentation that makes Bunja Thai food memorable, (not to mention our tasty taste!).  

Impress us with your vegie cutting, post your slicing triumphs to our facebook page to win a 2 course lunch for 2 at Bunja Thai – entries close 18th December and winner announced Friday 20th December!

First of all you need to get the right Bunja Thai vegetable slicing tools

Vegetables slicing tools

  • Grooved vegetable peeler (available at Asian grocery stores)
  • Sharp knife (Kiwi brand knives available at Asian grocery stores)

Local Asian stores in Bendigo you can check out:


Dee peeling zucchini

  • Wash vegetables. You can use carrots or zucchinis.
  • Peel vegetables with grooved vegetable peeler. Peel down the vegetable, so that you get the grooves in the skin running down the vegetable
  • Slice the zucchini in half length ways
  • Slice into pieces about 3mm wide
  • View our chopping demo for some veggie chopping inspiration.

Chopping Bunja Thai from Bunja Thai on Vimeo.


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