Take a look at the calendar below for today's special!

Choice of meat: Chicken / Beef / Pork belly / Prawns / Veg+Tofu.

1.  LAKSA SOUP: with vermicelli noodles, your choice of meat and vegetable.

2. THAI PHO SOUP:  Three hours of beef broth with rice noodles, your choice of meat, vegetable, and Asian herbs.

3. TANGY TOM YUM SOUP: with egg noodles, your choice of meat and vegetable.

4. CREAMY COCONUT KAO SOI SOUP: with egg noodles, your choice of meat, vegetable, crispy noodles, and pickled cabbages.

5. PRAWN WONTON IN CLEAR BROTH SOUP: with egg noodles and Asian green.


6. CRISPY PORK BELLY: with jasmine rice, sweet Gochujang glazed, and Thai roti.

7. THAI FRIED CHICKEN: with coconut rice, Thai sweet chilli sauce and roti bread.

8. SEARED MARINATED THAI BEEF SALAD: with citrus dressing and salad mixed.

9. Crispy noodles &tofu salad: with roasted sesame dressing and salad mixed.

10.BUNJA LUNCH PACK: Daily lunch pack with entree, main, rice, and roti. 


Pud see eew beef with ribbon rice noodles and Asian green.


Bunja's style fried rice with chicken and vegetables.


Pud Thai noodles stir fry with chicken in tangy tamarind sauce, tofu, peanut and bean shoots.

Lunch specials are available 5 days a week

Monday to Friday from 11 am until 2.30 pm. Takeaway/Delivery is available. 

A full a la carte menu is also available at lunchtime.

Delivery is now available.

 Monday to Friday, from 11 am to 2 pm.

             Minimum order of $30. $5 delivery fee. Free delivery on orders of $75 or more. (Payment by Phone only)

Delivery or takeaway. Phone: 5441 8566