re:Lunch Portions

Feb 06, 2009

We received this email and would like to put it up for discussion.

"Thai Fan" wrote to us saying:

Just a heads up to you guys... Food is awesome, friendly staff, $8 deal is a real winner... but there has been some grumbling around town that the portions of your $8 lunches have got smaller in the last month or so. As I said, nothing too serious to worry about, just a heads up...

Thankyou Thai Fan for letting us know.  Intentionally, nothing has changed with the lunch sizes and they are exactly the same as they were when we started back in October 2008. We had a kitchen meeting to discuss this issue and we will certainly work harder to make the portions more consistent.

Bunja Thai lunch is cooked fresh everyday, and dished up by hand for each customer - so it can be that portion to portion is going to change slightly for the stirfry as we use a ladle and place it directly onto the plate.  This will only apply to the stirfry, the curry comes served in a bowl with the same amount in it time after time.  The rice, roti and salad are the same, time after time.

We believe our lunch portions to be of a good size and perfect for lunch.  Its not too heavy and doesn't leave you feeling bloated and there is a nice balance between stirfry, curry, rice, roti and some fresh salad.

Thai Fan, thankyou for your friendly email.  We appreciate feedback from our customers and we would love some more.  If you would like to comment on our lunch portions, feel free to below.


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