Bendigo Magazine

Main Restaurant Floor

A view of the restaurant from the entrance corner of the main floor of the restaurant

From the vault to main entrance.

A view of the restaurant from the old bank vault to the front entrance.

Table settings.

The lovely table settings, with Thai cuttlery and crockery and high back leather chairs.

Pud bai horapah

One of the classical Thai dishes, the Pud Bai Horapah stirfry is hot and spicey with garlic and Thai basil.

Tom Yum

The classical Tom Yum soup, made with fresh Thai herbs and spices!

Satay skewers

Try our home made chicken satay skewers, served on fresh pineapple.

The perfect meal

Pictures can say a million words and make your mouth water at the same time!


A column on the wall, such beauty.

View from Pall Mall

The grand old Bank Building from the front, at 32 Pall Mall.

Ornate architecture

So much time and effort was made in the construction of this building.