Ornate Ceiling

Amazing plaster work

Amazing plaster work has been done on this 1887 building.

Thai decorations going up

Installation of a beautiful hand made umbrella.

Monks at Bunja Thai

Monks from Warburton visit Bunja Thai.

Setup for wedding function

Bunja Thai setup for a wedding function

Wedding function setup

Bunja Thai setup for a wedding function.

Wedding function setup

Bunja Thai wedding function

Lunch time seating

Lunch time seating at Bunja Thai

Thai statue watching over Bunja Thai

A beautifully handcrafted Thai Statue ready to great you as you arrive at Bunja Thai

View from Pall Mall

The view of Bunja Thai as you are walking from the fountain towards the Shamrock Hotel.

View from the street

A view looking at Bunja Thai and the outdoor eating area.

The balcony

A view from Pall Mall of the balcony of the Colonial Bank.